The Tribes Book & Tribes Casebook is out…

I’ve been wanting to write about a lot of things but haven’t yet had the time…but I couldn’t wait when this happened…

Today, Seth Godin’s Tribes book is officially out. I’m actually still waiting impatiently for my copy. It’s already a bestseller in Amazon and I’ve heard fascinating and amazing things about it! I just can’t wait!

In the mean time I’m excited to say that something else is out today: The Tribes Casebook. It’s a free ebook which comes as a companion to Seth’s Tribes book. You can download it free in Seth’s Blog here

The Tribes Casebook has many fascinating tribes stories that we can learn a lot from. It has 228 pages and 158 Case studies. I have been honored to have 4 of my case studies featured in the casebook. 

So now what Triiibes? Where do we go from here?


Empty bottles…


I opened the car trunk…and there I saw it….a box with empty bottles. The bottles were of different shapes and sizes inside the box stacked side by side. It wasn’t a very pleasant scene I’d have to say. With my sign of bewilderment, I asked my friend Khaled..what is this? 

He told me that these are some bottles that he collects after drinking water, juice etc. and would then dispose them off in the recycle bins available everywhere at his company or anywhere else he finds a recycle bin. He goes: Saleh do you have any recycle bins here?

Khaled didn’t seem to care much that his trunk looked messy ….he seemed dedicated to his cause….doing his part to clean the environment one way or another…

When we believe in something and dedicate ourselves to it…..we can find joy…even if others don’t get it…

Dates ‘n Dip…

So where did the name “Dates ‘n Dip” come from?

Well, it was a blog post that I had in triiibes and I thought I’d turn it into the name of my blog…hope you like it as well. So what was it about? here’s what I said (with some minor modifications to the original post):


I love eating Arabian dates. My brother Ali doesn’t eat dates. Full Stop.

Ali just doesn’t like eating dates. Ramadan comes and something changes. Yes during Ramadan everyone eats dates because of the “sunna” of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) of breaking your fast over dates.

Well, Ali does eat dates now…but not alone..he dips it. Dips it? Yes..he dips it in what we call a “Tihiniya” or in arabic net lingo “6i7eeniya” “طحينية “. It’s a sesame seed liquid dip…he loves it…takes a date and dip its…one after another…on and on…I should actually count how many dates he eats now…;)

So? what’s the point?

Ali doesn’t like to eat dates alone. He only eats it because of the “dip”. So the dip (not Seth’s dip) means everything to Ali. No Dip, No Dates…sorry.

In my opinion, I think a dip can be of 3 types:

1- A complementary one e.g. Oreo with milk
2- A necessity e.g. fries and ketchup
3- Everything e.g. dates & dip (at least for Ali…;)

Think of a product or service that someone doesn’t like or enjoy and add a dip to it…that can transform that relationship from a dislike to a like…hmmm….sounds tasty…

So what’s your dip?

my first blog post

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for sometime now and finally decided to go for it. The tipping point I guess was when I joined Seth Godin’s Triiibes. Triiibes and my triiibal friiiends have been a great inspiration and I’ve learned a lot from them. I’ve actually got a blog there (but you can’t access it since triiibes is by invitation only till now) so I guess that was my first real blog.

I’m thinking of having this blog to talk about marketing & life…and share my 2 cents with the world.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be blogging, but let’s see what happens…if anything..;)